Dareb el Najah” is a follow on grant to “Back on the Map” Entrepreneurial Development Foundation (EDF) previous grant building on successes, lessons learned, and leveraging the relationships built during the first grant. Its design and components are in synergy with LIFE’s vision of Revitalization Hub initiative funded by USAID. This initiative, Quasi- Hub, is created in some vulnerable peri-urban areas in Lebanon in order to provide the most significant impact.


In “Dareb el Najah” 3 organizations: Entrepreneurial Development Foundation (EDF), Michel Daher Social Foundation (MDSF) and The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and the Beqaa (CCIAZ)  will work in synergy in one concentrated area of Central Bekaa (Bar Elias, Taalabeya, Saadneyel, Kab Elias, Mrayjet, Mksse, Jdita, Majdel Anjar, Anjar, Ferzol, Ablah, Nabi Ila, Niha, Rayak, Kousaya, Reit, Deir El Ghazel, Kfarzabad, Ain Kfarzabad, Zahle, Chtoura, Bouwarj, Chehabiet el Faour, massa, Ali el Nahri, el rihanieh, Hazarta, Kaa L Rim and Terbol) with its underserved population to be more productive and start new businesses. The 2 NGOs and the chamber will coordinate their work with the governing municipality and with other USAID EG activities working in the same area.


  • Sustain small scale businesses (startups or existing)

  • Boost local economy by accelerating business cycles

  • Improve synergy between NGOs and stackholders for a higher impact

  • Stimulate economic growth and creating jobs for a better social stability

  • Raise awareness to support initiatives through financial inclusion


Dareb el Najah” initiative is composed of 8 activities during a period of 12 months where members will be responsible for the execution in close collaboration. These activities are in response to the challenges faced by micro and small businesses in Central Bekaa. The objectives met throughout these activities are: women empowerment, improved business management, improved cycle of business i.e. exposure to market, increased awareness about financial services, and exposure to the efforts and impact achieved by this “Dareb el Najah” to allow for future buy-in from private sector investors and donors.

  1. EDF in coordination with MDSF will implement a common capacity building training for 23 persons (Staff: 7 and 16 EDF Alumni)
  2. EDF and MDSF in collaboration with CCIAZ will reach out for interested persons. (at least 400)
  3. Implementing Capacity Building & Access to Finance Training for 16 groups of 25 trainees each.
  4. Implementing of Photography and Social Media Training for 16 groups of 25 trainees each.
  5. Implementing of Basic Quality and Food Safety Training for 8 groups of 25 trainees each.
  6. Access to Market Event:  This will be done in the form of a 2 days exhibition where selected businesses will be invited to display their products or advertise their services, communicate their added value and introduce them to the public. This event will motivate the beneficiaries to raise the standard and the quality of their products and services to meet market needs and ensure a competitive status. Entertainment and street art across the day will encourage people to visit the exhibition and it will be the first step to revive the Souk of Zahle and to give it an identity that attracts people from all over the area.
  7. Booklet Launching and Graduation Event: will organize an event for the launching of the “Livelihoods in Central Bekaa Booklet” which will be a marketing/exposure tool for the outreached businesses and various villages targeted under this grant. The content will include but not limited to a brief about each village, its characteristics, its speciality whether in product(s), food, service(s), etc. and a list of available businesses in each village of the targeted area.
  8. Saint Vincent de Paul – Zahle”  will help deliver food for more than 400 needy persons in the region
Happy Trainees
Successful Activities